Monday, April 30, 2012

Durians this time of the year?

Durians in Kuching this time of the year? These are actually imported from Thailand and sell for about rm30+ each. Pretty expensive but I've heard that they're quite tasty and they don't give off a pungent overwhelming smell.

Then again I'm not really a durian fan so... was just surprised to come across them as I've never seen Thai imported durians in Kuching before.

Losing the fight against the orchid beetle (pest)!


I hate this small orchid pest, a beetle which drops to the ground (escape strategy) when one tries to catch it. It is found everywhere here, even in the cool, highlands. This one I found in Bario, getting ready to chomp on some Phaius tankervilleae flowers. It eats and lays eggs on my vanda flowers. The larvae can reduce several large 5 inch flowers down to nothing in a matter of days. I have had no choice but to resort to chemical warfare but I'm on the losing end at the moment...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new phone

said goodbye to my old Sony x10. traded it in for a brand new xperia ray. loving it so far. high resolution screen and bit smallish which makes everything tiny but am getting used to it now. got this phone cause I like the size and the camera. battery life is much better than the old x10 too.
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