Monday, May 14, 2012

Life Terminal Cafe, Kuching Sentral

Trying out a new place. lunch at life terminal cafe, Kuching Sentral. spicy mushroom chicken noodles, dumplings and jasmine tea. I was asked if I wanted spicy or normal and I requested regular non spicy noodles but they gave me spicy anyway. it's so spicy I'm on fire right now! fail! a pity cause it's not too bad otherwise. I didn't want to ask for a replacement as I don't have the time to wait and who knows what goes on in the kitchen if they perceive me to be a fussy customer.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dang it!

Chubby Baba's closed down! Or moved. We went to three places today, first to Gourmet Sausage but they weren't open for business then to Porkie's but they were out of the main menu items which we wanted then we went to Baba but see for yourself... well looks like we're not meant to eat out today.

'Sorry, we're out of...'

At Porkie's, tabuan jaya. Here for the spare ribs and mixed grilled platter but they're out of both. Hmm disappointing and poor first impression. It's lunch hour for goodness sake, stock up! 'Last night too many people' is not a good excuse! how can they be out of their main items on the menu hmm

Well we're off to another place. Let's hope we have better luck at Chubby Baba.
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