Thursday, March 31, 2011

From KK to the Tip of Borneo (March 2011)


I was in Sabah recently. The original plan was to visit Maliau Basin but because I had to fly back to Kuching early, I could not make it to Sabah’s Lost World. Since I already had tickets anyway, I flew to Sabah on my own and traveled solo while my friends went to Maliau. I visited Kudat and Simpang Mengayau on my first day, places which I’ve never been to on previous visits to Sabah.



Landed safely and right on time in Kota Kinabalu. Collected my rental shortly after then immediately went on my way. Armed with two GPS units (one a handheld and the other a car navigator), I made my way up north and arrived in Kudat just past noon. the journey took about 4 hours including time spent having breakfast at a road side kopitiam and stopping to take photos.



It’s a fairly smooth ride from KK to Kudat until a certain very long stretch between Kota Belud and Kudat which is particularly bad. So bad signboards have been erected to warn motorists of the dangerous conditions. Several times, my rental went airborne and I wasn't even going that fast! so bad in fact, that I did not take another photo until I had safely arrived in Kudat and checked-in at the hotel! That is why I’ve only got these photos of rice fields to show in this entry. :)

There were also some land slips especially in places where an underground stream runs right under the road. Lots of fearless cattle along the way. They laze about close to the road, some young calves even rest right on the road. Nearly drove into a herd.

Anyway, I must thank God for protecting me this entire trip. it was largely without incident and i had a really fun time.

Aerides odorata (March 2011)


Here’s another very fragrant species currently blooming in my “jungle”. This one is a little late (or early?). The other Aerides plants finished blooming several weeks ago. They do not produce keikis as easily as I'd like them too but since I've had luck with my vandaceous orchids germinating naturally (and on to blooming), think I'll try setting some seed pods.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dendrobium anosmum season

Anosmums are blooming in every corner of my shade house, giving off an amazing berry-like smell. Together with my other blooming orchids such as the very fragrant Vanda Mimi Palmer, fragrant coelogynes and cattleyas, the orchid house is like an aroma therapy spa at the moment...

Dendrobium_anosmumPeak flowering period, photo taken about two weeks ago… not as many flowers as the previous peak season but still nice!

Dendrobium anosmum (alba).

The peak flowering period for my anosmum plants may be over but some plants are still producing flowers…

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