Sunday, May 23, 2010

Accommodation at Bako National Park

Accommodation facilities in Bako NP are very basic. A handful of options are available to visitors planning an overnight stay. Wooden cabins, shared dormitory style rooms and a common camping ground.




We stayed in a two room cabin with adjoined kitchen and bath. Very old structure and heard from the grapevine that costs of maintaining the wooden structures (termites are a major problem) are putting the park in the red.


I do not mind the rudimentary sleeping facilities because this is a NP after all, not a five star resort. I definitely do not want to see any of Sarawak's national parks turned over to a resort chain like what happened to Sabah's Kinabalu Park. Costs of staying at any kind of accommodation in Kinabalu NP have sky rocketed to many times what they used to be since management was handed over to Sutera Harbour Resorts.


One word of advice, careful when staying at Bako's chalets. Marauding macaques are smart enough to pry open windows or slide open mosquito net screens to get in and wreak havoc!


Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for one of those wooden chalets?

sarawaklens said...

Don't remember anymore but I think a unit with 4 beds (fan cooled) is about RM75. Check Sarawak forestry website for more info.

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