Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fries that won’t rot

I am sure by now most of you have heard and seen pictures of a McDonald’s Happy Meal that won’t rot. Well, I thought it was probably because of low humidity. Anyway, not prepared to waste money on an entire Happy Meal, I bought some fries from McD and left them out on a shelf. Humidity is quite high, high enough for mold to grow on the shelf if I don’t wipe and clean it now and then. 5 days in and the fries had shrunken a bit and smelled of stale vegetable oil. But still no mold. I then bought some fries from KFC to compare, left that out in the open also. Here’s how they look like now:


McDonalds and KFC fries

See for yourself! Compare that to the 5 day old KFC fries which I also left on a shelf, the KFC fries have gone moldy. Yuck. McD fries on the left, 14 days old, no mold. KFC fries on the right, 5 days old, positively yucky.


Obviously not a scientific experiment. I just left them out to see what would happen. Make your own conclusions or try it yourself!

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