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Rungus Longhouse, Kudat (March 2011)

There are 6 parts in this series. This is the fourth part. Links to the other entries in my KK-Kudat-Kundasang series can be found at the end of this post.

On my way from Kudat to Kundasang, I made a quick stop at the famous Rungus Longhouse located about half an hour from Kudat. Nothing much to see here, just a showhouse/longhouse for tourists to take photos. It’s nicely built and clean and features traditional construction materials such as tree bark for the walls and split bamboo stems for the floors. Also on display were souvenirs made by the local Rungus folk like bead necklaces, bracelets and hand woven baskets.

I left Kudat about 7 in the morning so I got to the longhouse really early. Didn’t see any other visitors while I was there. If you’re driving from Kota Belud/Kota Kinabalu, look out for signs directing you to the longhouse when you drive through a village called Kampung Bavanggazo. The turning will be on your left.

There are other attractions in the area such as gong-making demonstrations but I wasn’t interested in that.

Some photos I took during my visit:

The longhouse isn’t occupied by anyone. It is actually only a “show house” for tourists to visit.

The community area (in an Iban longhouse in Sarawak, this area would be known as the “ruai”).

The floor is made with split bamboo stems. I think there’s another kind of woody stem used as well, looked like Nibong palm (Oncosperma tigillarium) stems to me but I’m not too sure. No one around for me to ask.

The interior of one of the many rooms in the longhouse. Each “room” would be occupied by an actual family in a real long house. Right photo shows the cooking area, left one shows the sleeping area with a simple mattress. Bamboo flooring.

Tree bark is used to make the inner walls of the longhouse.

Brass gongs.

Local handicraft. Mostly beadwork.

Left: Just opposite is a small cafe/kopitiam serving simple meals and drinks. Right: Ticket booth. Entrance fee is RM3 per adult and RM2 for students. Non-Malaysians pay RM5.

There’s even a homestay operator here, contact number listed if interested.

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