Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giant Hypermarket Kota Padawan opens for business

Giant Kota Padawan: my poor attempt at “stitching” two photos together…

Giant in Batu 10, Jln Penrissen has opened its doors to the public (25th Nov 2011), exactly two months after Giant Tabuan opened for business (25th August 2011). So after several years of waiting, Kuchingites finally get, not one but two, proper hypermarkets with Maggi mee stacked up two storeys high and giant Milo islands next to baby diapers! hooray! :P

What’s the inside like? Like any other Giant mall, if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all! Besides the hypermarket, the mall also has boutiques, a pharmacy (Guardian), food outlets and stalls selling bags, knick knacks and souvenirs.

For those of you who’ve been to Giant Tabuan, you’ve probably noticed how some items are ridiculously expensive there. Happy to report that prices are quite reasonable at this branch except for some items which are priced far higher than other places. So, always shop around! Having been to the Tabuan branch twice now, I don’t think I’d ever shop there again (cut throat prices - “low price leader” my foot!).

I doubt the Padawan branch will survive long if they didn’t offer competitive prices because there are three other supermarkets in Kota Padawan (H&L, Unaco and Fair Price). If Giant is able to keep their prices low, the other three supermarkets will have a really hard time keeping their existing customers!

Aisle after aisle of food items: I find the selection to be much better here than Giant Tabuan.

Always shop around and compare prices. Some items are priced far higher than your regular supermarket prices while others are well below market price. Fresh chicken wings are sold at RM13.99 per kilo (at time of writing) in Giant Padawan but costs only RM12.50 at a cold storage and RM3.19 maggi vs RM4.30 elsewhere... But from what I saw, most items are priced quite reasonably.

There’s also a clothing section. Saw lots of people picking items from the bins. The electronics section is also better stocked than Giant Tabuan. Overall, the Padawan branch seems to have a wider and better selection (and fairer prices) than Tabuan.

Like other hypermarkets, there’s also a bakery and take-away food section. Ayam percik, ayam lada hitam, ayam madu… RM12.99 per bird. Also available, ready to eat nasi lemak, nasi ayam, bihun goreng, mi goreng and various fried foods.

Opening hours are from 9am to 11pm daily (extended to 12am from 25th Nov 2011 till 30th Nov 2011).

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