Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love our rivers - part 2

More photos as promised. More to come in part 3. See part 1 here (click).

Our sweaty bags and towels often attract sweat bees and other insects like this beautiful butterfly.

Weathered sandstone walls along the riverbank. Ferns such as those in this picture (Dipteris lobbiana) quickly take a foothold in the cracks where organic debris collect.

There’s planking, and then there’s rock surfing. :)

A small jungle stream cascading down smooth sandstone into the main river. Due to the dry weather, water volume is low. This pool which is normally very deep is now shallow enough to wade in to get to the other side.

river_orchids_in_sarawak_03Small orchids that grow in great abundance by the river bank.

There’s a fishing net laid across this stretch of the river. Note the leaves that have collected on the surface, caught by the net.

Hooray! Sunlight!

It was cloudy when we started. Then just before we got ready to leave, the sun came out. It became cloudy again after we left the place.

Pictures are always prettier when there’s bright sunshine!

When the monsoon rains return, this river will be a raging beast!

Those palm trees look like oil palms but they’re not, they’re some kind of wild palm.

Relaxing in a deep pool. This is probably the deepest pool we came across, so deep the bottom could not be seen.

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