Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dung beetles rolling a ball of sh*t


Look what I came across while making my way up Mount Santubong last week! A pair of dung beetles comically rolling a little ball of animal poo down a trail covered with leaf litter and other obstacles.

They worked quickly, one behind and one in front and whenever they encountered a small "ledge" or step such as in the above photo (the tree root forms a step and the next lower level is about 10cm below), they'd both tumble down, get disoriented for a bit (refer photo below) but then quickly find their ball of dung and get back to business.

Quite amusing to watch them. I took a short video but my line's too slow to upload that (another reason why I seldom update this blog, sucks)!

I don't think I've ever seen dung beetles in real life and this up close before. Only ever seen them in nature programs on TV. These beetles weren't very big, I'd say each about 1.5 cm long (excluding length of legs).

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