Monday, August 18, 2008

Mushrooms, fungus, orchid pests and problems

Keeping phals outside is not easy. I have to check on them every day. If I skip a week of checking, I almost always find a leaf or two rotting at the edges, eaten up by snails and slugs, infected by bacteria, yellowing, attacked by parasitic bugs or stung by pests.

A snail chewed on this new spike. The flower bud was also affected and will soon drop off.

Bugs like to sting the new leaves causing them to be deformed. In serious cases, the damaged parts get infected and if not snipped off quickly, the rot continues on to the crown of the plant. This has happened to a few of my phals.

Mushrooms also grow in my orchid media and orchid mounts.

These mushrooms grow at lightning speed, they appear overnight and mature in a day or two. Hence the phrase " mushrooms after the rain...".

I think they are toxic! Not a single insect around them.

Fungus too!

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