Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A quick walk in the jungle

I had to go to a particular bank today and the closest branch is located in a small town near a small mountain. After my business with the bank, I drove up to the foot of the mountain, parked my car by a stream and walked into the forest for a quick look. It was cool by stream, the water cascading over the rocks created a very cool breeze. But further in, it got really hot and stuffy, extremely humid. I went in clean and shirt tucked in and all, came out all sweaty and my shirt totally soaked! And I was only in there for less than half an hour! In the humid conditions, I could see lots of orchids very high up on the very tall trees though, mostly bulbos and eria. Some monopodial orchids as well, which I think are probably Micropera species and perhaps a renanthera or two.

Cyms and coelogyne too but not sure of what kind.

This stream appears to be a popular picnic spot but when I was there it was extremely quiet and only a villager or two passing by on scooters. There is a small tarred road leading up to the top where there is a small village and a chapel right at the top. The mountain itself is not very high but looking at it from google earth's images, it seems like it's quite a large mountain and behind it seems to be miles of green jungle. The road up also happens to be a popular jogging track with town folk. I had never been there before today, but now I really want to go explore and walk to the top, maybe this weekend.

Just a couple weeks ago I was in another area, it was a lot dryer in that jungle and in that big area, I came across only dendrobium rosellum. No other orchids, contrast that with this jungle with a stream and cascading waterfalls... lots of orchids. Of course we all know that orchids are often found by streams because of the high humidity, but it's still a very fascinating contrast.

Okay 'nuff talk, here are some lousy pics taken with my camphone. I'll be back there again definitely, next time with my SLR and zoom lens.

A quiet village road:
Quiet village road

It's very cool and quiet here, very relaxing if it weren't for the pesky mosquitoes!

Lichen and mosses grow on the tall tree branches high above the ground. I could spot bulbos, eria and dendrobium growing on them.

I think this is a sandstone mountain, lots of sandstone boulders strewn across the stream. Lots of organic matter caught between the rocks, bamboo leaves, twigs, sticks, tree branches...

There's an orchid growing near the top of this dead tree, baking in the hot sun and looks like it's dying. The once healthy moss all look dead and dry. It was too high for me to reach it.

Here's an interesting find... an Amophorphallus growing up to about 7 feet tall. Look at the patterns and coloration on the stem, like the skin of a python!

I am not familiar with amophophallus but I think this one is not fully developed yet, the "fronds" have not fully opened.

Very nice atmosphere here... lots of green, different shades of green and the blue sky behind the trees make for a pretty picture:

A little waterfall. This waterfall is a source of water for the surrounding villages and there is a sign nearby warning anyone who bathes or fish in it will be prosecuted. A barb wire fence surrounds it.

A giant aroid, this thing is huge!

This is probably Coelogyne rochussenii

A species of bulbo on a large tree trunk, VERY dark here, very high humidity as the waterfall is not far away. I believe this large tree is being hugged by the roots of a strangler fig...

Hope to return with my SLR and get some good photos next time!


Alifinara said...

Nice picture! Thanks for sharing...

sarawaklens said...

hi Alif, sama sama. jenguklah selalu. :D

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