Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exploring on a hot day - 9 Feb 09

Yesterday's weather was so hot but yet perfect for exploring in the jungle. I really like to go exploring to see and photograph all the beautiful natural things before they are destroyed in the name of development. Let's all hope that the beauty of our forests will be preserved for future generations to appreciate.

Cameras: Nikon D80 with Sigma 18-200 VR and Fujifilm Finepix F10.

D80 photos:

The large empty "shell" of a wild fruit.

The sunlight filtering through the leaves really create a beautiful effect.

A stream flows out from this cave.

F10 photos:

A lone orchid reminding us all how important it is to preserve our natural treasures for our kids. Sadly today, many plants such as orchids and staghorn ferns have been stripped away from our forests by collectors and commercial sellers and are becoming more and more difficult to spot.

This type of terrain is very treacherous with holes all around and jagged limestone waiting to cut like a razor. Do not lose your shoes by getting them stuck in holes or you will lose your feet on the way down. Imagine making your way over such sharp rocks without shoes!

Sunlight on limestone outcrop.

High overhanging cliffs with vertical walls.

Almost all of the D80 photos have not been retouched except cropped or resized, but I was only able to use a handful out of over 150 shots. Some of the F10 photos have been adjusted to minimize color casts and/or a hazy effect when shooting into the filtered light.

It was nice and cool in the forest but extremely hot out in the open. So hot I ended up with a headache after just a a short while out of the jungle and in the sun.

Click this link for more photos:

Unfortunately, my faithful F10 fell into a drain due to a hole in my pocket yesterday. :( My Fuji S6500 also met a watery fate a year or two ago:

Thanks for viewing.

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