Thursday, July 9, 2009


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As previously posted over at my Flickr album, these Singai (an area near Kuching) variety durians have started falling. This isn't a large variety, unlike many hybrids in the market which are huge. The flesh however is A+ grade in taste and texture and is the ONLY type I would consider eating as I don't really like durians. The small sized fruits are perfect for people like me who are not big fans.

Squirrels gnaw big holes in the fruits to get at the protein-packed flesh.

Every year, Malaysians everywhere wait for the chance to smell, choose and buy durian fruits from roadside sellers and hawkers. In good years, the harvest is so great that many fruits are sold at ridiculously low prices.

Durians are heaty fruits and therefore, when consumed in large amounts will cause one to fall sick! To counter this, durian enthusiasts  will usually eat mangosteens which come into season about the same time as durians and are considered cooling.

When I was small, the durian fruiting season used to be around Dec but these days, it is no longer set nor predictable. Perhaps because of global warming and changing weather patterns. Indeed, Kuching weather has become rather unpredictable of late...

Years from now, I wonder how it would be... with more and more forests cleared in the name of development and green house gases released into the air. Food for thought.

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