Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paphiopedilum stonei

Paphiopedilum stoneiPaphiopedilum stoneiPaphiopedilum stonei

After the spectacular display by the paph lowii a couple months back, the paph stonei are now having their turn at it. They bloom once 1-2 years but the wait is well worth it! The one in the foreground is spiking with three buds and was overgrown with ferns but have since been weeded. To me, even the spikes are beautiful and it's exciting to see them developing and come into bloom. To

Paphiopedilum stoneiPaphiopedilum stoneiPaphiopedilum stonei

The plants are kept under dark shade (under trees hence the dried leaves in the pots) but they will tolerate bright filtered sunlight such as in the pictures (all taken with my camphone as I couldn't find my digicam). I placed them together on this table for display but will be return them to much darker shade once flowering is complete.

Paph stonei size comparisonPaph stonei size comparison

One of the plants has noticeably smaller flowers (and a pouch about 1-1.5cm shorter) than the others.

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Uwe Mittrach said...

Hallo Sarawak lens,

this a very nice photos about stonei and stonei in situ in flickr. Also i can see photos from bullenianum - in which regions are they growing?

Best regards

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