Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thousand apologies

I am very much behind on my writings and blog entries. Like my cat here, I've been too lazy to sort through photos and post to my blog. The fact that my internet connection (third world "broadband" - monopoly sucks!) is slower than a 28.8k modem from 1996 doesn't help. For example, a short and simple blog entry like this one can take about 10 minutes to finish uploading if it doesn't stall!! Crazy slow. So, a thousand apologies to my 1 or 2 regular and faithful visitors/readers. :D :D Thanks for dropping by though. A good way to see if I have updated anything is to be a "blog follower" (see link on right column) or subscribe to the RSS feeds.

Been to a few interesting places recently but have not uploaded many of the photos yet. Last week, friends and I were supposed to go on a a very exciting and challenging trek but our plans were foiled by heavy rain. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative this weekend.

I have also just bought myself a small little compact camera, the Fujifilm F70EXR which Fuji claims to be the world's smallest 10x optical zoom camera. I bought it to complement my dSLR and as a pocketable travel megazoom. A few days after I got mine, Fuji announced the F80EXR, an update to the F70 but is slightly bigger and not the world's smallest 10x zoom like the f70. Overall, I am very happy with the F70EXR (the cat photo was taken with the cam) and will share my thoughts about it perhaps in the next entry.

Not making any money from my writings so the motivation ain't there. Now, if only ya'll would help click on the ads... :D :D :D

1 comment:

Edna said...

I read good review for Fujifilm F70EXR. very tempting to get one for myself.

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