Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A “fishy” outing




Went on another photo outing, this time to catch and photograph peat swamp fish species.



Carinotetraodon sp., possible Carinotetraodon salivator.



Carinotetraodon sp.

These tiny little puffers are sooooo cute. One puffed up into a tiny ball as big as a marble and I was fortunate to have my camera ready just then!



Puntius hexazona



Puntius hexazona


It was also my first time seeing the beautiful six banded barb, Puntius hexazona as well as another colorful rasbora.



Rasbora sp.


Still waiting for my fish guru to ID that one. I made up a name for it in the meantime, the "Rainbow rasbora" as it appears to have colorful bands running the length of its body.



How sad that more and more streams are turning into smelly polluted streams. We visited many places in the countryside to look for blackwater rivers and peatswamps to explore but runoffs from poultry farms, pig farms and vegetable gardens have done a lot of damage.




It was only after driving around and exploring for several hours that we eventually found a stream still nice and unspoiled. *sigh*



Photographing a juvenile pikehead.



A Luciocephalus species, predatory pikehead.

Far away in the countryside, we also had the good fortune of spotting a hornbill in flight. Not the large greater hornbill but a smaller species. I couldn't change lenses fast enough so no photo of that hornbill. Maybe a “birding” or bird watching trip next time!

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