Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny freshwater pufferfish

This tiny one, about 1.5cm long, just ate an insect larva and is looking for more.

This species of freshwater pufferfish, believed to be Carinotetraodon salivator,  is the cutest little puffer I’ve ever seen. Pretty interesting to observe them swim around in a tank, eyes moving about searching for prey.

The large one is about an inch long and the small one is about 1.5cm long. Before I took these photos, I fed them damselfly larvae and soon as I dropped the larvae in, both started going after them. Some of the larvae hid among the Egeria densa leaves but the puffers eventually got to them.

There was a big dragonfly larva too, as big as the smaller puffer and the larger puffer kept nipping at it. By night, it'll probably be fishfood.

The larger, 1 inch adult “stalking” a damselfly larva.

Besides insect larvae, they also feed on small snails and fish. So they are a good choice to naturally control a small snail infestation in a freshwater tank!

Photo quality is pretty poor cause the water is dark, stained with tannins and I'm shooting at 800-1600 ISO through plastic. Here are more photos of this little fish:


Carinotetraodon_freshwater_puffer_fish_4 fr


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