Friday, July 30, 2010

Eria ornata – still blooming!


More than a month later, this is still blooming. The inflorescence is now more than a foot long, close to two. Here’s the first post I made in June about this beautiful species:

Update: I was told it's been taken out of the Eria genus and now known as Dendrolirium ornatum. Anyone have more info about this change?

The small lip reminds of a dried leaf!

Though the flowers are rather small and drab, it’s hard not to like this species. Just look at those bright orange bracts! They are long lasting too; older ones are retained along the lower section of the inflorescence even though the flowers have long dropped.

This one is the longest and oldest of 3 inflorescences. All appeared late May. I accidentally broke the tip off one of them while photographing the flowers last month. I should check again to see if the inflorescence branched off because of that.

This looks wild doesn’t it? It’s actually on a small fruit tree in my backyard. I tied it to this tree nearly 3 years ago when I found it struggling to survive in a pot. Ironically, it is now the most healthy and most floriferous compared to my other clump which used to be large and healthy but have since regressed.

This is an old photo taken in July 2009 when this clump first flowered. If I remember correctly, I bought it late 2007 which should be about the same time I tied it to this tree.

It’s a really nice species to keep for the long lasting orange bracts! However, it can be quite fickle and if it decides to go, it will go without hesitation! That was what happened to my other large clump which is now reduced to just a few struggling p-bulbs. I may have to tie them to this tree too! :)


Autumn Belle said...

I think this is a really special and beautiful orchids. Thanks for showing it, as it deserves a worldwide audience.

sarawaklens said...

Thank you Autumn Belle. :)

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