Friday, July 9, 2010



After a really bumpy ride (everyone in the car nearly saw my breakfast again), we finally reached Simunjan after about 2 hours on the road. the last 50km was particularly bad as the road surface is uneven. we were in Simunjan to check out the abandoned coal mines from the early 1900s which i had read about on the internet.


Simunjan's bigger than i had expected. located next to the Batang Sadong (Sadong River), the town may be reached either through Serian or through Asajaya. There's a steam engine built by the British beside the road leading into town but we didn't take pictures of that.


We stopped for breakfast at a cafe recommended by Wikitravel then walked about a bit snapping photos before setting off to search out the mines...



Very bumpy stretch! fully sealed road but uneven surface. riding in a 4x4 doesn't help... i was okay at first till we reached the last 50km when i started feeling nauseous. my breakfast nearly plastered the windows...



Sleepy town…



Stingray, flesh gone (cut n sold) but still put out to dry. have no idea what they're gonna do with these, perhaps food for pets? for fishing? no idea! snapped at the fish market.



Mantis shrimp for sale at the fish market.


Tried out the sarawak laksa at a kopitiam recommended by wikitravel. Hmm, the cafe owners were very friendly but this was just okay-lahhh... those prawns were so tiny!



Small park in the middle of town.



Kid playing on a toy dinosaur in the town park.


That's the town library, no the district library (perpustakaan daerah simunjan), believe it or not! The washing hung out to dry belong to the shop owners nearby.

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