Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simpang Mengayau aka Tip of Borneo (March 2011)

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (Simpang Mengayau Cape) is the northernmost tip of Borneo.

When I got to Kudat, first thing I did was look for a decent hotel. Then, having showered and rested, I started my way to Simpang Mengayau. It's not hard to locate, even without a GPS unit. Signboards direct the driver right to the tip of Borneo. The road leading up to that point is fully sealed but rather uneven with potholes. There are actually two roads leading there, one is a gravel road so avoid that and just follow the signboards.

Simpang Mengayau is absolutely breathtaking. The weather was a bit cloudy that afternoon, not so good for picture taking but being there was a great feeling. You hear the surf crashing onto shore and the strong wind blowing in your face and all around you is just this wide expanse of water. This is also where the South China Sea meets the Sulu Sea. I got right down to the rocky tip!

I had myself an ice-cream while taking it all in then it was time to hit the beach. Rented myself a complete set of snorkeling gear (goggles, flippers and life jacket) and jumped into the water. Didn't see much though. The local man who rented me the gear said that to see live corals I'd have to swim out to at least 100-200 meters from shore. I could also hire him as a guide but my gear was rather poor fitting and he didn't have many to choose from. Salt water kept seeping in so I didn't want to risk anything just to see some fish and corals. Stuck close to shore, didn't see much. Bothered by the "leaky" gear so ended up just relaxing, being lazy and floating in the sea while staring at the sky and passing clouds. Bliss...

There are now some chalets and resorts here at Simpang Mengayau. I would have loved to stay a night here but I left just before sunset because I didn't want to tackle the uneven road back to town in total darkness.
Would love to visit again soon!
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