Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ais Batu Campur @ Lock Ann Cafe

I must have been living under a rock cause i'd never heard of this place till some friends invited me to makan here one afternoon. We had the ais batu campur, white lady mixed fruit drink and rojak.

Ais batu campur, also known as chendol or ang tau can-lut in Hokkien. RM2 per bowl. Red beans, green sago jelly, sweet corn kernels and shaved ice topped with either coconut milk or evaporated milk. Sometimes, gula apong (Nipah palm sugar) may be added.

When we got there the place was full of people. In fact some patrons had to stand around waiting for seats and tables to become available when people left. Groups after groups of people kept arriving. "wow" I thought, the owners must be laughing all the way to the bank!

White lady mix-fruit drink is a popular drink made with evaporated milk, syrup or fruit juices such as honey dew juice. Added to it are pieces of fruit such as pineapple, longan, sea coconut etc.

Kuching rojak. This big plate (enough for two to three) cost us only RM5. Cucumber, deep fried spongy tofu, pineapple and Mexican turnip (jicama or mangkuang) mixed well with a spicy rojak sauce (main ingredient belacan) and topped with crushed peanuts.

Lock Ann is located at the junction of Green Road and Rubber Road near Satok, Kuching. It opens daily from 10am to 630pm except Mondays. (Business is so good that they don't have to do business in the evenings?)

Next time, I'd like to try the jiu-hu eng-chai and belacan beehoon!

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