Monday, May 2, 2011

Sarawak laksa for breakfast

Yes, that's right. Here in Sarawak it's not uncommon to have something 'heavy' like a hot bowl of rice noodles in a rich spicy broth early in the morning. The laksa broth is made with different spices cooked with coconut milk then poured over boiled rice noodles and garnished with prawns, bean sprouts, chicken meat and fried egg.

Just looking at a bowl of hot, steaming Sarawak laksa is enough to either cause one to water in the mouth or give one heartburn! I love Sarawak laksa and I can have it at anytime of the day. To me, it's the best type of laksa second to none. Yum!

Avoid the ones labeled or sold as Sarawak laksa in other states in Malaysia. I've tried those and they taste nothing like the real thing! So if you're ever in Sarawak, don't forget to try our authentic Sarawak laksa!

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