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Cathay Pacific CX724 KUL-HKG flight review

cathay pacific a330

Wow, I have not updated my blog in such a long time!

Here's my review of Cathay Pacific Airways flight CX724, Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong (Jan 2017). This was my first time flying with Cathay and I was really looking forward to it. This flight took about 3.5 hours.

Flight was serviced by a 5-year old Airbus A330. It was very comfortable flying on this relatively new aircraft, especially since there were many empty seats towards the back of the plane.. Very clean interior,. I liked the blue seats too, which gave the interior a modern, clean and fresh look (I dislike SQ's brown earth tones, which make even their new planes look tired and old). Lavs were also clean.

The IFE features a wide selection of movies and TV Shows, games and other programs. Cathay fully utilizes a touch system on this new plane and therefore, no wired remote is provided. I am not sure how phone calls are made without one, perhaps they have to approach the crew to utilize a special phone?

Meal service began shortly after the seatbelt sign went off beginning with the usual peanuts and drinks. Followed by the main meal. No menu is provided but we were given two choices. No appetizer or salad but meal quality was quite good. Hot beverages were served after the main meal service.

Water is handed out in small bottles and if you need more, just ask one of their friendly FAs.

In the seat pocket were the usual inflight shopping catalogue and related materials, Cathay’s inflight magazine (which was made with recycled paper, good!) and a sick-bag. The magazine wasn’t very interesting, but it did provide useful information. It also contained the month’s IFE program choices.

I tried watching the much-talked about highest grossing anime ever, "Your Name" but could not concentrate and switched it off (I finished watching it on the flight home) and took a nap.

An hour before landing, I woke up to a commotion at the back of the plane. There were about 6 FAs surrounding a lady passenger who apparently had obstructed an FA in discharging her duties. I can't provide any more details as I am not really sure what transpired before that.

Upon arrival, ground staff came to meet her and more commotion ensued. The language barrier was also a factor, I believe. I was surprised that on a Hong Kong bound flight filled with Chinese passengers, very few of the crew spoke Mandarin.

Anyways, the FA whom she supposedly had a run-in with was actually very professional and friendly, always smiling while going about her duties on our side of the cabin. Overall, I found the service quality very good.

cathay pacific a330 IFE
Good selection of programs. No wired-remote is provided and the IFE fully utilizes a touch screen for menu navigation and selection.

cathay pacific a330 peanuts 1
Meal service began shortly after the seat-belt sign was switched off.

cathay pacific a330 KUL HKG meal
I saw a Brahim’s truck loading up the flight while it was in preparation for boarding. Food quality was good and although no menu was provided, passengers were offered two choices along with a selection of drinks, juices and two types of wine.

cathay pacific a330 window view
The flight took about 3.5 hours.

cathay pacific a330 flight map
Approaching Hong Kong international.

cathay pacific a330 seat 
Clean seats.

cathay pacific a330 leg space
Good leg-space.

cathay pacific a330 IFE 2
No wired remote. A USB port is provided but it didn’t work properly (neither did the port in the next seat) so I was not able to charge my phone.

Have you flown with CX before? Did you like your experience?

Next up, my review of the connecting flight to TAO with Cathay Dragon.

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