Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Guardian BuzzAway Wild Tomato Mosquito Repellent Review

I bought this to use recently and it's so ineffective I just had to post a quick review.

This product is cheap (about RM10 per bottle) but save your money, it doesn't work. It also stinks! Very overpowering smell. I think there's one other review out there that also gives this a thumbs down.

It says on the bottle it offers 8-hour protection. Tall claim that one! It didn't even protect me for 8 seconds!

I covered my arms and legs with it before heading outside and I was still attacked by a million mosquitoes.

It probably only works if you empty the entire bottle on yourself.

I think the most effective natural DEET-free insect repellent is Mosiguard. Never lets me down and truly offers lasting protection, as long as you reapply if you sweat too much.

Guardian does have one very good house-brand product, their SPF-50 sun lotion. Cheap and very effective. As for this product, forget about it.

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