Saturday, April 24, 2010

Engkabang – Shorea spp.



Engkabang (illipe nut) is the local name of the fruits of Shorea trees. These tall dipterocarp trees produce winged fruits which are often collected by locals either for local consumption or for sale.




Here in Sarawak, villagers, particularly the Dayaks, collect the fruits to make engkabang oil which is mixed with hot white rice for a smooth buttery taste. The prepared oil is not in liquid form but in solid form at room temperature (about 27 degrees Centigrade).



Discarded “wings” – collected by locals, the fruits have been removed.



Dried engkabang fruits in a rattan winnow. The big white sack on the right contains fruits ready to be sold off to a middleman or buyer. Photographed in a Bidayuh village.




Commercially, the fruit is processed for its oil used in the making of chocolates. Look up the research paper entitled “Engkabang (illipe) - an excellent component for cocoa butter equivalent fat” by K. Nesaretnam and Abdul Razak b Mohd Ali if you’re interested to read more about this fruit and its uses in making cocoa butter.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

such beautiful photos...My in laws and parents of friends are finding time to make engkabang oil in between their kelapa sawit work. Thanks for the photos.

JK said...

Hi there, Sarawak Lens! Interesting nature blog! I like it very much! It is good to see more Malaysian/Southeast Asian Nature Bloggers around. I wish you the best in your explorations and blogging!

sarawaklens said...

Sarawakiana - i wish i could make my own engkabang "butter" too!

JK - thank you for the compliment, do visit again. :)

peter seet said...

Hi, i m looking this engkabang fruits. Does anyone knw where can i get from cos i m from singapore. Pls let me knw if anyone sell it. Thks. Can contact me @ 65 92980020

peter seet said...

Hi, does anyone knw where can i buy the engkabang fruits? I m from singapore. Pls let me knw if someine sell this. Thks. Can alsi call me @ 65 92980020

Adrian Tan said...

Hello Peter Seet, me fr KL. I m trying to buy these engkabang fruits too, did you manage to get them, pls update me at

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