Friday, August 6, 2010

Garden birdwatch II

Oh no, I feel this is developing into a new expensive hobby - shooting birds with my camera! I was out in the garden yesterday and again this evening, spotting birds with Nikon + 70-300 in hand.


While in the house, I had heard a loud bird calling non-stop just outside so I grabbed the camera and went looking for it. It was a small and dark-colored bird, looked like a parrot of some sort. Alas, it flew off beyond the reach of my lens.


So I walked around the house and waited patiently till I spotted a pair of black-winged flycatcher-shrikes (Hemipus hirundinaceus) that flew down to a small tree near me. They made no movement and no sound as I walked about photographing them from below. One was perched close to the tip of a small branch and the other a bit higher up but then flew down to join its friend.



It was getting dark and luckily for me, they had chosen this tree to roost for the night.


Because of the fading light, I had to up the sensitivity to ISO1600 to get some decent pics. The photos were then cropped to center on the subject.


Having shot a few photos of birds, I now feel the Nikon 70-300VR to be severely limited in range. I sure hope I don’t develop another expensive hobby and end up buying a whole bunch of lenses and converters!! Already I feel like the D700 or its replacement should be my next camera. Oh no oh no oh no! Maybe a few more bird shots and I’ll get bored and move on. lol


Meanwhile, here are more photos. As usual, click each for larger size:











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