Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brunei’s AyamKu opens in Sarawak, but known as “My Chicken Restaurant”

Here's an update (June 2011): I recently visited the restaurant at Padawan (10th Mile, Jln Penrissen) again and I have to agree with what some of my readers said (see comments) about the how dry the chicken is. The fried chicken meat we had was really very dry!! I don't remember it being this bad when I visited the first time.
Personally, I think they should have stuck to the original Malay name. “My Chicken Restaurant” sounds so original and way too complicated. :P I suppose people will be calling it MCR now (like SCR, Singapore Chicken Rice). What’s wrong with AyamKu?

The place is brand spanking new, opened just a week ago.

Located at the M10 commercial area in Kota Padawan, Mile 10 Jalan Penrissen, I believe it’s the first one to open in Kuching.

Mostly just chicken on the menu. I’d like to try the nasi lemak some other time.

“Hello… hello… hello… (echo)”. The place was totally empty when I was there. Maybe because it was a weekday during Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslims).

Nice and clean with the AC running fulltime and lights on even with no customers. At least they’re not cheap.

This is what I ordered. The “My Spring Chicken” set which comes with a drink, fries, sweet bun, coleslaw and a half chicken. Yes, a half chicken! The extra wing was for an additional RM1 (current promo).

I only ate the extra wing which I found to be nice and succulent. The bun was soft and sweet but the coleslaw too watery, the dressing was all over the plate and caused the fries (which were pretty tasteless) to go soggy.

I couldn’t finish that half chicken. In fact, I didn’t even touch it so I had the friendly staff pack it up in a box and they topped up some more fries for me to take away. Nice gesture indeed but the fries really were bad!

And the grand total? RM12.90! Unlike KFC, taxes are included in the advertised price so you won’t get any surprises in your final bill.

I’d imagine this place to fill up quickly during buka puasa (fast breaking) time. It’s still new so not many know of it. I only found out about this place when I got bored and went through every page in my local paper and read about it last week.

Their use of biodegradable plastic bags is commendable.

Verdict? IMO, you get more chicken for the same price over here than at KFC, MCD or SB. The chicken was also cooked just right, nice and juicy and not dripping with grease like KFC’s. Price is just right for a whole set but they need to do something about the fries and watery coleslaw. Atmosphere is nice too and if they had wifi, the place would surely be packed especially in the evenings.

Update: Well I just did a bit of googling and apparently there is already a place called Ayamku Restaurant in Jln Matang, Kuching. According to a comment left in their facebook company page, they’re a legal franchise from Brunei (same as AyamKu Brunei). The comment was left by the page owner. However, with the opening of the new MCR branch, it’s obvious now that the present “ayamku” is not what it seems. Their logo and menus are also different.


Anonymous said...

Good foods ! Value for money ! They open their 2nd branch at TabuanJaja.

kahyeec said...

There are 3 things that i like about it after visiting the Tabuan Plaza branch :
1) No Tax , or tax included.
2) Chicken pieces are big , they use bigger chicken to fry.
3) Can choose milo or Nescafe as your drink !
Their butter bun is quite nice. I usually use the 50 sen that i save in taxes to buy an extra bun.
The chicken is a bit bland but fried chicken is fried chicken , as long as the pieces are big , i'm good.

Gerard said...

Yup the chicken parts are pretty huge esp the dumsticks :)

Anonymous said...

The chicken restaurant at M10,Kota Padawan is the worst chicken i ever had. Their chicken & fries are just horribly cold and its meat are just as hard as a stone i would say. Very very pathethic restaurant. Service are just as bad. So sorry to say this but this is fact!

sarawaklens said...

Anon, no need to apologize. I revisited that place recently and you're right, the chicken's very dry. I suspect because customer volume is very low, they reheat or re-fry the chicken? It wasn't like that when it first opened! But I thought the nasi lemak was alright.

henry said...

Personally i have visited twice at Samarahan branch. The chickens were big in size that really fulfill my XXL size. Just in the matter that the chicken was not so good or in other word not fresh. The second experience does give me satisfactions on the foods and price! Well, gonna visit My Chicken again!

sarawaklens said...

@henry, never visited the samarahan branch... i think their major problem now is what others have mentioned above... chicken too dry. i remember when i first visited the place not long after they opened for business, the pieces were quite succulent and nicely cooked. they do have some nice promotional stuff from time to time so maybe i might pop by again to check things out. thanks for your comment, btw.

Catherina said...

1st pergi ke my chicken restaurant bt10, servis sangat teruk.order sgt lama....dhlh lama dan saya perlu pergi ke kaunter untuk ambil order.
brg yg saya beli pun x fresh....
sila bertindak dgn segera.

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