Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro: first impressions

Finally got myself a smartphone, Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro. quite a mouthful but it's one of the smallest in the market with a QWERTY kb. it runs Android 1.6 but 2.1 will be available for download end of September. i wanted black but the red one caught my eye instantly, love at first sight! anyway the back panel can be swapped with panels of different colors.


i guess online advertising does work afterall cos i got to know about the phone from the news screen that pops up everytime i log into yahoo msgr. and now the phone is mine! :) 

compared to my SE K810i (worst sony phone ever made!) and my acer d250 netbook.

the mini pro is about the size of a credit card, not as wide but slightly longer. it's a little chubby because it has a built-in qwerty keyboard. the 2.55" screen is small (320x240 resolution) but it's more than adequate for me. it's pre-loaded with apps like facebook, google talk, gmail, youtube, google maps etc. more apps can be downloaded from the android market.

i can comfortably use the phone sitting in one hand, it's designed for one thumb operation. slide out the qwerty kb and the orientation automatically changes. the keys are tiny but the kd is generally comfortable enough to type out long emails or messages. the whole thing weighs only 120g and costs only 1/3 of the iphone 4's asking price.

the qwerty keyboard is small but i find it comfortable enough to type on.

sure i could have bought a nokia n97 mini (which is much larger) or some other smartphone, but i wanted this one and this one only cos look at it! it's a beauty, small and light and fits easily in a pocket. it also does everything i need it to and has all that i want already installed in it. will take a look at the android market and see what else i'd like to put on it.

the 5MP camera takes decent pictures, certainly what one would expect from a camera phone of this calibre. it uses an LED flash which only has two settings, auto and off. very basic camera controls but that's to be expected as it is not a cybershot series phone. nor is it a walkman series phone so the music player is also very basic, no equalizers but at least there's FM radio! :)

scrolling is a breeze. the screen is sensitive and menus and pages fly by without a hitch. apps open quickly too and songs skip forward and backwards without any hiccups. haven't tried video yet though, will try and load some mp4 files into it when i get the chance.

i've used the iphone 4 for a couple of days and really liked it. however, its power and features were wasted on me. it was also heavy, large and needed a USB cable for data transfers (can't use a card reader cos the ip4 doesn't have a card slot). this little wonder, the xperia mini pro suits me perfectly. it is not a business phone, nor is it marketed as one. it's a full function smartphone in a mini package. this phone will go with me everywhere.

here are some photos taken with the phone (taken after I walked out of the store):

not so good indoors but acceptable for a camphone.

in sunny conditions, the phone takes decent photos. perfectly okay for a non cybershot camera phone. color is nice too.









will post more photos taken with the phone when i get the chance.

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