Thursday, September 16, 2010

SE Xperia mini pro - some downsides

here are some downsides I found but keep in mind i've only been using this tiny phone for two days.

I am typing this quick entry on the small qwerty kb with the phone resting on a soft tissue to prevent it from spinning around. the back panel is curved which causes the phone to spin when placed on a table face up.

negatives -
1. camera button a bit too stiff. pressing it with the index finger tends to slide the keyboard out.

2. bluetooth does not allow file transfers because this feature is not supported by android 1.6. sony will release 2.1 in october which should solve this issue.

3. screen is sensitive to touch only around the center. virtual buttons lying near the edges take some practice and a lot of patience to press. sometimes all it takes is a soft tap, other times you need to tap hard or 2-3 times. this is my biggest complaint.

will post others as I find them. but really am loving this little wonder so far. will take some macro shots later.

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1 comment:

Maitreya said...

Just curious..
Did u hav a touchscreen phone/device b4 u switched 2 Xperia X10 mini pro?

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