Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rasbora cephalotaenia

This beautiful freshwater fish is usually found in
blackwater streams and rivers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
It has very beautiful colors with almost neon,
shimmering blue lines running the length of its
flanks when sunlight hits at the right angle.
This one was caught in a peat swamp. As one can see from the photos above, it is quite a large rasbora with adults growing to more than 10 cm in length. The fish above was
released again after photos were taken.
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chreynest said...

yes, R. Cephalotaenia is called the 'King Rasbora' when seen in U.S. stores (I'm in the Chicago area myself), and I used to have them many times over the years. But that time has passed, I'm sure I've not seen r. cephalotaenia at all in at least 10 years now. Why? I don't exactly know. I'd certainly want to get some (even the big Wet Spot store in Portland OR hasn't had 'em for some time). What we do see are Rasbora Patrickyapi and Rasbora Einthoveni which are rather similar types

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