Thursday, July 21, 2011

a day after…

i clicked that blue button (quit facebook), surprisingly no FB withdrawal! :)

but last night, i did feel a bit sad. no, not cause i couldn’t see what my friends was up to every minute every second (my account was one of the unfortunate ones that got that “what’s happening now” ticker panel forced onto it), but rather, i got a reply from zynga confirming that once my fb account was deleted, i would no longer be able to play farmville.

yeah. i played farmville. i spammed the feed. i raised sheep. i sent gifts. and i had strangers for neighbours (some of whom i eventually befriended which is the only positive thing i got out of fv, really ha!).

i got to level 49 then quit for about a year and only just a month ago started playing again. the fact that i went from level 49 to level 79 in just one month or so is proof that i was spending way too much time on fb. xD

other blogs
i follow a few blogs on blogger. today, i actually visited a few of them and read their posts! i almost never did that before while i was on fb. it’s certainly a nice change from just reading status updates and stories written in 420 words or less.

i love reading about people’s travel experiences to places i too would love to visit (or have visited). i don’t just like looking at photos, i like to know about what’s going on in the photo too. who’s this, what’s that, where’s this etc.

on fb… while i definitely enjoyed waking up to new photos uploaded by friends, most photos never had any description whatsoever. except for a handful who would take time to include a description, most friends who uploaded photos seldom captioned them. beautifully taken photos are always nice. but even nicer if one knew what was going on. a simple description goes a long way. still, i don’t blame them. who has time to caption hundreds of photos uploaded in a single day?

with the blogs i read however, photos come with explanations. i love that. like when i was planning mulu trip, i googled and read several blogs about climbing Gunung Mulu and the Mulu Pinnacles. enjoyed reading those. they were also very helpful in helping me decide what to pack, what not to bring and what i’d need during the long trek to the summit.

other entries
speaking of travel experiences… i have many to share which are long overdue. like my Ba’kelalan and Mount Murud trip, for example. just now, i succeeded in uploading 5 sets of photos in 5 drafts without much trouble (usually it takes forever or the process would stall and i have to start over again). so i’ll be working on those drafts soon. they’re of a trip i took with friends to Bako where we trekked on foot from Teluk Limau to Teluk Kruin. been meaning to write about that one since last year!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

My facebook is rather like my family and friends' communication board....if I have the time I could check...if I don't have the time I would avoid it for a few days....but as most people can be addictive!!

I wonder if one day I would quit FB....???XXXX!!!!!

sarawaklens said...

Sarawakiana, the fact that FB retains our info even after we've left the network didn't sit well with me either.

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