Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google plus mobile app not available…

…in all geographic locations, apparently. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve been trying out G+ for about a week now. Like it so far even though it’s still very new and many friends have yet to sign on. But I grew weary of the non-stop updates I was getting on Facebook (especially from the “what’s happening now” ticker panel) so the peace and quiet on G+ is a nice change!

I’ve heard so much good about the G+ app for mobile phones that I just had to try it out myself; so I tried to install it from the Android Market but couldn’t find it! Also tried to download and install it from the website version of AM but got this error:

android_market google plus error message

“This item cannot be installed in your device’s country” :(

A little bit of googling led me to this forum thread which explains the reason why the app’s missing from the AM…

Hmm, wonder what legal “restrictions” they’re talking about? Whatever they are, hope they’ll sort things out and release it in Malaysia soon!

The web version of G+ mobile is really sleek. It looks something like this:

As viewed on LG Optimus 2X (photo snapped with SE X10 Mini Pro)

Note the top “bar” which provides easy access to the search engine and Gmail. And right at the bottom of the page is a link to the desktop version of G+.

The mobile site is so much better than Facebook’s IMHO. My only complaint is the tiny, tiny font size used when entering text.

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