Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Corymborkis species (in situ)

I was so pleased to come across this flowering Corymborkis while exploring the jungle a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure which species it is, could be Corymborkis veratrifolia.


The flowers give off a nice, pleasant fragrance. The plant I came across was quite tall, taller than I. I had to hold my camera above my head to get a better shot of the flowers. Fortunately, my camera had a flip-out LCD so it made shooting above head a bit easier.


There were other plants (smaller) too, but only this one was flowering. The plants were found growing under heavy shade (lots of big, tall and shady trees). I’ve only come across specimens with withered or old flowers in the past so I was really happy to find this one with freshly opened flowers!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any real close-ups with the camera I had with me at the time (Sony A350).

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