Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Sony, send your staff some product brochures please!

Case 1, Singapore
Me: I’d like to take a look at the A33 or A55.
Sony staff (young man): A33 and A55? You mean A330 and A550?
Me: No, A33 and A55.
Sony staff: There are no such cameras.
Me: Isn’t this the Sony store, or did I walk into the wrong store?
Sony staff: (snickers) heh, where did you read or see, this A33?
Me: (I stare at him with disbelief) Sony website lists it! You’re supposed to know!
Sony staff: well does the Sony Singapore website list it? if not, we don’t have it here.
Me: (speechless)

Case 2, Sony Style, Kuching
Me: hmm, this A55, the EVF, when you pan quickly the image doesn’t refresh fast enough…
Sony staff (young guy): you have to predict where you want to point the camera because it is panorama.
Me: (???? what???) No, I mean… (oh, forget it). Do you have the A580?
Sony staff: What? No such thing.
Me: (oh bother, here we go again) A580 is the lastest Sony DSLR
Sony staff: no it isn’t, the A77 is the newest.
Me: The A77 is an SLT with an EVF. I’m interested in the A580, a DSLR with an OVF, not the A77.
Sony staff: A580? Must be a discontinued model (it’s not, not at time of writing anyway!). No, we don’t have A77 now.
Me: (oh forget it, just walk away).

Really, Sony, your Sony Style sales staff don’t even know what products you have! Send them a few free brochures please!


maza said...

hehe same problem wif me when i ask about A55 ...hmmm

sarawaklens said...

maza, can you imagine needing warranty service and having to deal with their staff who are not aware of the company's products?? tsk.

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