Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Farm fresh passion fruit juice

Freshly squeezed ice cold passion fruit juice! Ahhh, totally refreshing!

The passion fruit vine (Passiflora edulis) is large, long-lived and needs a large trellis to support it. Make sure you have plenty of space for it to grow if you'd like to plant one. One single large and healthy vine will produce more fruits than you can eat. The vine also makes a nice decorative plant.

A closed passion fruit flower.

I hang some of my orchids here since it's very shady and cool.

The fruits are often stung by insects such as fruit flies. But the skin is very thick and the insect larvae normally don't go as far as where the fleshy, pulpy seeds are. I've never ever seen any insect larvae inside, never "accidentally" eaten any either! :)

Didn't bring a basket so I used my t-shirt to contain the freshly plucked fruits haha. 6-8 large fruits are more than enough to make a nice refreshing glass of passion fruit juice. They're considered ripe when they turn from green to slightly purplish. This variety is sweetest when it's the colour of that one fruit on the right. But I don't mind a bit of tanginess so I do not wait till they all turn darker.

A fruit sliced in half. Note the dark spots on the skin (top and right), that's where insects have stung the fruits to lay their eggs. The insect larvae do not go as far as where the pulpy seeds are.

Place the pulpy seeds (which can be eaten as is) in a fine mesh sieve or use a coffee mesh to squeeze and filter out the juice.

Ice blended passion fruit juice. Made with pure juice, no additives whatsoever! It's also a good idea to add water to the freshly squeezed juice and make a nice refreshing cordial instead of drinking it pure. I normally do not add any sugar at all.

BTW, these photos were all snapped with my cameraphone (Sony X10 Mini Pro). I'm in no hurry to upgrade! :)


vinesandspines said...

good stuff! and nice food presentation! really quite good for a camera phone too.

sarawaklens said...

Yep, was thinking about upgrading to a "Sony Live" but think I'll hang on to the mini for a while. Really like the convenience of having a pocket phone that also takes nice photos.

Supahwan said...

Hi. Came across your blog. I've been looking for passion fruit high and low in Kuching. May I know where is this farm? Anywhere else I can find passion fruit? Thx!

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