Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kuching Sentral opening soon…


The Kuching Sentral (yes, that’s spelled with an S) is a regional bus station complex that houses a food court, fast food outlet (KFC), a supermarket (H&L), a bookstore (Smart) and other shops. In future, all long distance buses will leave from/stop at this terminal.


It’s located in Mile 6, Jalan Penrissen. There’s a hotel nearing completion just behind the complex, TRV Hotel if I’m not mistaken. These photos were all taken recently (December 2011). Not sure when’s the exact opening date but word on the street is the complex will be operational before May 2012?


I really like the landscaping in front of the building; I only hope vandals do not destroy those beautiful light-trees!! That small inset photo was taken from a moving car so it’s quite blurry but trust me, the colourful light-trees look really nice when turned on at night.

I predict traffic conditions will worsen once the complex is fully operational with buses coming in and out and cars running red lights at the traffic light junction just in front.

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