Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why do people…

like to go expensive places to “chat”? Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Coffee Bean, etc etc.

then when they get there, they log onto the free wifi and stay glued to their phones?!

a cup of coffee shouldn’t cost RM7.50. A piece of cake shouldn’t cost RM9.50.

log off, put that phone down.

go to a kopitiam or roadside stall and chat till the cows come home over cheap, delicious food and drinks.

oh, btw, don’t go out between now and CNY, crazy traffic in town.

was expecting a package today, to be delivered by pos laju. but it didn’t come, in fact, no one came.

yet when I checked the item status online, it was stated “unable to deliver because addressee not in” which is total BS!

as my friends would say, “taik idung pun tak nampak!” liars!

if the item is not delivered tomorrow am going to give them a good telling off.

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