Monday, December 7, 2009

Good to be home!

I got discharged early today (supposed to be tomorrow but all signs normal). Home sweet home. It sucks to get sick. I stayed at the hospital for only 2 nights but it felt like 2 nights too many. All of us dengue patients were kept in the same area and there were some guys who had been there for nearly a week. I hope they all get well soon too.

Self-monitoring right now and will go for follow up blood tests within this week.

Thanks to all for the text msgs, emails and facebook msgs!

Here’s what I was up to two days before getting knocked out of action!

The stuff us shutterbugs do for a photo huh? :D Photo by Michael Lo.

Don't think I got it from this place but rather from a river visit the next day (place known to be a hotspot I later found out). Must have been bitten by a carrier mosquito.


Anonymous said...

good to hv u back. kena rehat jgk,asik masuk hutan saje.


sarawaklens said...

thanks ab, tunggu next year baru pi hutan lagi.

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