Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peculiar mantid

Suffer the chill! I really hate feeling sick! Came down with a fever 2 days ago which started mild then became worse yesterday. Better now but the temperature in my room dropped down to 25C tonight and I woke up feeling all chilly, even with a thick comforter on. Yes, Kuching gets very chilly at night! This is why we never really need AC till the hot and dry months of July and August. Hope I recover fully before this weekend as we have another climbing trip coming up and I don’t want to miss it!


Now I can’t get back to sleep cause I just popped an acetaminophen tab and now I’m sweating it off.


Found this little critter on my Papilionanthe blooms a couple days ago. Peculiar looking praying mantis. Quite a little jumper, disappearing into the foliage easily and when I tried to photograph it again, it jumped to the ground, perfectly camouflaged against the soil. Before I could try different apertures to bring it into sharper focus, it was gone!





Click for larger sizes.

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