Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Liparis gibbosa

This cute little flower which looks like a toy they include in a Happy Meal is the flower of an orchid, Liparis gibbosa. It is found growing as an epiphyte in the jungles of Borneo. Quite widespread throughout South East Asia actually. I have a picture taken in situ in my Flickr photostream of what I believe to be the same species.

I have trouble with this species. Two years ago, the clump was really big and healthy and dense. Today, there are only a few p-bulbs remaining. I do not know what it likes, I just hang it under a tree and let nature take care of it. I think I may mount it to a tree branch like the in situ photo below.

From the plant habit, inflorescence and little unopened bud, I believe this to be Liparis gibbosa. Photographed in situ on a broken branch which I propped up against the limestone.


losttravels said...

cutest flower I have ever seen. nice photos.

Lost Traveller said...

cutest flower I have ever seen. nice photos.

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