Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Magnificent falls in western Sarawak Pt. 1

I've been quiet lately cause I've too many photos to sort out and upload over my slow network! Been going trekking as usual but from this week onwards will have to slow down as I have many things to do. This year I also have many trips lined up but I don't know if I will have enough time and money to do them all.


So, until my next full write up, which I hope will be soon, here's a recent photo I took of a very beautiful waterfall in western Sarawak. From the photo it looks as if the waterfall is close to the people on that rock but this is not the case. The waterfall is actually about 50-100 meters away!




There are several falls here actually, with the biggest one being tens of meters high (probably about 60 meters but I haven’t checked my GPS yet). It is one of the most beautiful falls I have ever been to, anywhere!


Watch this space!

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