Friday, January 1, 2010

Vanda Pachara Delight

Here’s another dark blue vanda in my collection. This color is high in demand in Malaysia, as far as I know. The nurseries that I went to in KL, some were selling them for RM100 or more. In Kuching, they are even more expensive, with nice sized blooming plants sold at up to RM200 or more. Even tiny seedlings are expensive!

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Vanda_Pachara Delight_Blue
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I bought this expensive Vanda middle of last year from LC. It was tagged at RM80 but I bargained a bit and got a more reasonable price. The machine printed ID tag on this one has only two words: "Pachara Blue" - lazy labeling! It should correctly be Vanda Pachara Delight. Together with this, I also bought three small seedlings of the same in 1" pots and they have doubled in size since.

Vanda_Pachara Delight_Blue(3)

This is its first flowering and there are 8-9 flowers and buds. Not too bad for a first time bloomer! I've always wanted a blue vanda (still searching for a true V. coerulea) and now I've got two! The other one is my compact-sized Vanda Pakchong Blue (click this link).

The tag on the seedlings is correctly labeled. Vanda Pachara Delight.

I am glad I didn’t refuse the offer to buy some seedlings of this clone, even though at the time, they were very small and I wasn’t even sure if they would make it. Well, they have grown nicely and doubled in size. Hope they’ll continue to grow well.

The other seedlings you see in the above pic are of different crosses and hybrids such as Robert’s Delight, Gordon Dillon, Rasri Gold etc. Bought my first batch of vanda seedlings in early 2008 and in 2 years, some have grown quite a bit into nice healthy young plants.

V. Pachara Delight is a cross between V. Karulea and V. Gordon Dillon, another one of my favorite large-flowered hybrids.

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