Friday, January 1, 2010

Trekking on muddy trails (part 1)

I took a fall during this long 18km hike (total distance on foot) in an area that will be lost underwater in the future. There is a big dam being constructed here, the Bengoh Dam. The purpose, on-paper anyway, of this dam is to provide water to the city of Kuching. But the area that is destroyed is huge! I cannot even begin to estimate how large is the area that will be flooded, but the valleys we saw were wide and long and we walked for 9 kilometers from the dam and that was only to some waterfalls along the river. There are so many beautiful waterfalls here too, it's hard to imagine all that beauty will be lost when the dam is completed.

Most parts of the trails we walked on were extremely muddy! When I fell, I nearly dunked my whole slr into the mud. It was just impossible to walk in my Crocs so I opted to take off my shoes and walk barefooted, using my toes to prevent slipping in the mud. Many in the party fell too, except those wearing kampung adidas! In fact, after about a 7km hike, we reached a small village shop and there were some kampung adidas for sale so a few switched shoes. See this photo for a description of kampung adidas.

I enjoyed the exercise I got, 18km is by far the farthest I have ever walked in one day (I think! As I didn't have any way to know the distance covered before the past year). But some in the party were not really nature lovers who littered and gave the candid response of "Seriously, I don't care." Selfish people like this do not deserve to enjoy the beauty of nature! Just stay home!

View part two here (click this). 

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