Friday, January 1, 2010

Trekking on muddy trails (part 2)

Updated, text filled in! To read more about this place, be sure to check part one too (click here).
Will fill in the text later. Too lazy after a big New Year’s family dinner. Feel so bloated, urrrghhh!

I fell! Didn’t get hurt or injured, thank God! But my poor beat-up dslr almost turned into a mud encased camera. Don’t think I can ebay it now, it’s too beat-up from my treks. Will keep it as a backup cam if I do get  the new Pentax KX.

Many parts of the trail were very muddy. So why not walk on the sides you say? Because this is a cut path through the hills, both sides are hard to walk on either because it is a steep fall down one side of the hill, or a steep bank up the other side. Very slippery in my hopeless Crocs anyway. I didn’t know the trail was this bad!

So in the end I had to take off my shoes and walk barefooted if I was to have any chance at all along this mud trail! I will have to take Zentel tabs some time, just in case!

Crocs won’t do! This is a job for the kampung adidas! Repeating this photo from part one.

Finally walked through some of the worst parts of the trail. And what’s this? A bamboo trough to channel water off a natural spring? Good, time to clean my muddy feet, legs, hands, elbows, knees and shoes.

The trail leads through vast farm land planted with various fruit trees, rubber trees and hill paddy.

Bees visiting the flowers of grass.

A young couple, each carrying a small child. The wife is carrying their baby while the father, also walking barefooted along the muddy track, is carrying a bigger boy. Barefoot is probably best on this kind of trail, he can’t risk a fall while carrying his child.

Two village women in kampung adidas nimbly negotiating the muddy track while carrying two basketfuls of durian on their backs. One of them also has a walking/hiking stick to aid her. I too picked up one, it was too hard without!

End of part 2.

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