Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vanda Pure’s Magic and Vanda Pachara Delight

Two of my beautiful hybrid vandas are blooming in the shade house right now. Because it had been raining a lot (non stop for the past two days!) the flowers are not in perfect form. Worse than the rain, yellow orchid beetles have been muching on the petals and depositing eggs as well. The pests have been dealt with but the rain has caused the inflorescences on both plants to droop.
Left - Vanda Pachara Delight, right - Vanda Pure’s Magic.

Slight reprieve from the rain today, a bit of sunshine but not bright enough for a good photo.

This was taken yesterday as it was drizzling.

Vanda Pure’s Magic
As per the tag, this is a cross between Vanda Doctor Anek and Vanda Gordon Dillon. The flower form may not be perfect, with rather soft petals compared to my other large-flowered vandas but it blooms regularly (about 2 or 3 times a year) and the flowers last for a long time. Here are some old photos of this splendid hybrid.


Elbi’s thinking “That looks tasty!”

This is how the whole plant looks like. It has bloomed quite a few times since 2008. Yes, that is an eggshell in the pot. :P

To get the flower in good form, I had to flatten the petals by hand.

Nice big flower about 5.5” across.

And here it is next to a species vanda, Vanda scandens.

Although I do prefer keeping orchid species and my species collection outnumber my hybrids, I am in no way a species snob. If I see a beautiful hybrid I really like, I'll buy it! :D


Marta said...

Wow! 5.5 inches. Those are huge. They are beautiful. I like the little species one. We have been growing more hybrids recently. Mainly because they are easier to grow and more showy.

sarawaklens said...

Hi Marta, yes the pure's magic is the largest hybrid vanda I have (flower size) but the flowers are gone now, spoiled by too much rain.

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