Monday, January 4, 2010

Vanda Pachara Delight updated

Here’s an updated picture taken 2 days ago. The inflorescence and flowers have become droopy after two nights of heavy rain so I am glad I took this photo when it was still in good condition. See the original blog entry here (click).

There are a couple more colorful vandas which I wouldn’t mind adding to the shade house. Since I keep mostly species orchids, my shade house is very green with just leaves most of the time. The colorful hybrids will add some much needed color. Though I have stopped collecting, I wouldn’t mind adding a couple more nice ones if the price is right. I would really like a true yellow hybrid vanda to be honest. Not pseudo or pretend yellows like salmon or green-yellow. :D

Here are some photos taken at a nursery in KL last year:

These are ascocendas and their hybrids. Yellow is one of my favorite colors on orchids, very striking and stands out from the sea of green. Whenever I visit a nursery, yellow orchids are the first to attract my attention.

This one is nice too, soft color.

But it isn’t nice enough for me to buy it. Now, if it was a true Vanda coerulea however, I might have considered splurging…


Philip said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.Regarding the Mulu apples I believe the name was given by tourists, though not necessary me.Hope to go hiking, jungle trekking, photography with you some day.Like your blog very much. Keep it up and belated happy new year to you.

sarawaklens said...

Thanks and enjoyed your blog too Philip. Look me up when you're in Kuching. I heard Star's setting up office here?

Elsie said...

Wow, what a beautifu1 blue colour, I must add this to my "must paint" list! Your comment about "pretend colours" in hybrids really strike a chord. It is exactly why I much prefer to paint species orchids and their true but unspectacular colours.

sarawaklens said...

Hi Elsie, I'm trying to access your blog to add you to my blog list on the right column. However, I can't find your blog URL anywhere and don't have the email you sent me anymore. I hope you get notified of this comment, do let me know your blog URL again please! Thanks. :)

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