Monday, November 23, 2009

Flickr loves kittens!

I have over ten thousand photos on Flickr but my most viewed photo (10,000+ views) is that of three kittens on a barrel. Go figure! ;D

Moony, Elbi and Kiki. Click on photo for larger size.

Elbi is still with us and has grown into a big cat who likes to hunt birds but is always unsuccessful. He sleeps indoors almost every night. He’s been “fixed” so he’s got plenty of time to laze about. View original Flickr upload here (click).

The second most viewed photo is also of the same three kittens, all looking up at the camera.

No food or fish in my hand, it was a lucky shot!

This one is about 9000 views behind the first in popularity. View original Flickr upload here (click).

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