Thursday, November 19, 2009

A sunny November afternoon

Too good to be true and too good to go to waste! Got in the car and drove down Kuching-Sri Aman road. I contemplated driving to a spot to take some photos of wild Vanda hookeriana but only had half a day and the journey takes about 5 or 6 hours return. In the end, just went for a leisurely drive and took this photo. It didn’t matter if I got any good shots, as long as I didn’t have to stay chained to a computer indoors when it was sunny outside in November!



A rice field along the Kuching-Sri Aman road. That is part of the Klinkang Range in the background. According to the STB website, the Batang Lupar (Lupar River), home of an infamous man-eater croc, Bujang Senang, flows from this range.



Wonder if there are trails up this range. Looks like a mighty interesting place to explore…


Along the way, I stopped by the roadside to explore a kerangas. I was wearing only shorts and crocs and had not packed any repellent so I didn’t get to walk further than a few tens of meters before being chased out by a billion mosquitoes hungry for city-blood.


Originally, I had intended to drive to Matang to photograph Coelogyne in situ, as well as the many waterfalls there. I wore shorts as I planned to go for a dip in the mountain river (Sungai Cina) after the short hike. I changed my mind and thought I’d drive to the west towards Sri Aman instead.


Anyway, even if I didn’t get to take many photos or do any real exploring, it was good to be away from the computer. It’s not always we get sunny afternoons this time of the year.

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