Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kuching City Panoramic View

Took this picture from the top of Mount Santubong (810 m) in Kuching. For the full size, click on the picture.

Kuching-city-panaroma-sarawakKuching from atop Mount Santubong. Click on picture for full size.

The Sarawak River is on the lower left and the mountains in the background are towards the southern border. Will participate in an overnight expedition to one of the mountain ranges next month.

Hope to go climb Santubong again next weekend or so. Quite a fun mountain to climb but gets pretty tough half way up with rope ladders in many parts.


Edna said...

Woww...that's beautiful view of Kuching! Did you use wide angle lens for this shot?

sarawaklens said...

Thanks Edna. I snapped it with the kit lens on my oly e510 (zoomed in) then cropped the picture to focus on the city.

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