Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Limestone hill 09.11.21: Paphiopedilum stonei

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Short video I made of Paphiopedilum stonei natural habitat:

It was great to see these plants growing in their natural habitat, high limestone cliffs. Thanks to my Sigma 105mm macro lens, I was able to get some decent pictures and further cropped them to magnify the paphs.

Click on the photo for larger size. Can you spot the paph? There is an old spike on it, may have been in flower two or three months ago. This was taken with the Olympus kit lens.

Photographing Paphiopedilum stonei in situ. Click on photo for larger size and note the healthy colony of paphs growing on this vertical wall.

Just below the cliffs, we came across this little guy, a fallen paphio. The ground’s wet because it’s the rainy season now.

It must have fallen off during a heavy rain. Could have been knocked off by falling debris or simply dislodged by the torrent of water.

Healthy colony on a cliff top. Greedy people who care for nothing nor anyone but themselves are putting this and other rare orchids high on the endangered list. I really would not be surprised if few plants remain in the wild. It is my hope that these here remain unknown to anyone but us and safe from poachers.

Healthy colony. A lot of growing information can be gleaned from these habitat photos!


Uh oh, this one looks about to slip right off its perch!

These are growing about 30-40 meters above us on a vertical cliff.

A lone clump in a dark spot under an overhanging cliff.

A small paph growing together with Coelogyne orchids.

This was as close as we got to photographing any flowers. An old, fallen flower.

Judging by its condition, think we missed the flowers by just a few days.

Here’s another one of my posts on this species:

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, wish I was there! Thanks for posting so many fantastic photos of places I know I will never get to see in person.
Best wishes to you
M in Massachusetts

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